Established in 1969, Murphy's Pub is a place where neighbors & friends, young and old gather to share good spirits! Murphy's is a cornerstone of neighborhood hospitality serving Clifton Heights and the University of Cincinnati community for over 30 years. A long legacy of customers and proprietors have passed through its' doors over the years. Neighborhood regulars as well as the famous and infamous have added to the Pub's legacy.



The building that is home to Murphy's Pub has a long and intriguing history. Along with the rest of the neighborhood, 2329 West Clifton Avenue was originally constructed at the turn of the century for residential housing. By the middle 1920's though, plumbers, barbers, and repair shops operators had begun to call it home.

It wasn't until Virgil Hahn established Hahn's Restaurant & Bar in 1938, that the first drinks were poured.  

Twenty years later, the business changed hands and names. Charles Mahoney took over the business in 1958, putting his own name over the front door. Even with a new name, the flavor of the establishment stayed the same, a local watering hole with room for everyone.

Mahoney retired in 1969 and sold the business to two young men, a local by the name of Bailey and an Irishman known as Murphy. Not much is known about the mysterious Mr. Murphy. Shortly after taking over the business he is believed to have returned to Ireland for a visit only to disappear into the political troubles that continue to plague that nation to this day. To honor his lost partner, Bailey changed the name in 1970 to Murphy's Pub.  

As the years passed a variety of people have owned the Pub. The current proprietors, both of Irish descent, took over September 1, 2000, after themselves working for many years at Murphy's.  

Not just a neighborhood bar, Murphy's Pub has become a favorite night spot with students attending the University of Cincinnati. Many alumni have stopped back to reminisce about the first time they discovered the friendly, low-key atmosphere offered by the Murphy's Pub.

Murphy's has had several brushes with greatness. Celebrities and local sports figures occasionally drop by. Former University of Cincinnati basketball coach Bob Huggins and former Red's star Chris Sabo have  been served here. And yes, the rumors are true, Kurt Cobain and Nirvana did perform in the back bar in October of 1989.


Stop in and become part of the Murphy's Pub legacy. Young or old, new to the neighborhood or lived here all your life, Murphy's Pub is ALWAYS open and ready to continue the tradition.


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